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Week One in Europe

April 4, 2016 – Fifth day

I stayed at home and finished my blog. That’s it. LOL. Fifth day and I’m already showing Europe how lame I am.

April 5, 2016 – Sixth day

Chill day for me as I still haven’t taken my clothes out of my luggage!

Went to the library and borrowed some CDs! It was super cold that I don’t find it funny anymore.



They have the newest CDs!

I went to a retail store after. This is my favorite store, ever! There are only 5 salesperson and they do not care whatever you’re doing in there. It took me an hour to get over the perfume and makeup sections and they didn’t act bitchy unlike in the PH.



Look at these Longchamp bags! It’s just in there like it was nothing. You can try it all you want unlike in our store where they won’t even let you touch it. LOL.

Even big brands like Prada and Chanel display their bags and sunglasses like this. I love it!

April 6, 2016 – Seventh day

It was raining hard and it was again, super cold! Even the locals kept on telling me how disgusting the weather is! For a minute, I told myself that I’ll choose the Manila heat than this unhealthy weather. Of course, I changed my mind. I can’t stand too much heat!


Because of the weather, I didn’t do much but to just go to a football field and watch a match with my aunt. It was between female girls ages 12-15. I had fun!

April 7, 2016 – Eighth day

Woke up early and went to a thrift shop. Their thrift shop are still expensive but you can see that they are fairly new.



These cuties are for sale!

After that, I helped prepare for a small gathering in the church. There were only 10 people but the good food and nice talk made my day.


After I ate and helped cleaning the place, it was time to unwind and see the beauty of the outskirts of Germany.



Beautiful church and cemetery in the middle of the forest. You need to hike a bit to see these. It was kind of scary because there are no people but once you’re at the top, you can see the beauty of it and the whole Heinsberg.

That’s it for my first week. I really enjoyed it and I’m sad that upon writing this today, it’s my 20th day already. Few more days and I’m back in the PH. Who knows when I’ll return? I probably need to save for years but whatever – I’m just going to cherish my remaining days. 🙂

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