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WATCH: How I Do My Brows




Finally! After the longest time of wanting to create a video blog, here it is. Ever since, I really want to start my own YouTube channel but I never got around to doing so because:

  • I don’t have the time to vlog because of my studies and I know it requires time, patience, and effort. Damn, I don’t even have the time to sleep, let alone make a video blog
  • I don’t have a decent camera to record and who would like to watch a video taken from a crappy webcam?
  • I don’t have enough the courage to teach people to do so and so because I don’t even know the fuck I’m doing

Funny how I still don’t have any of those but I decided to do it anyway! LOL. I am working from 11 PM to 8 AM everyday and since our home is walking distance from the office, I am already at home by 8:20 AM! I can’t sleep until 5 PM so I was like “Yeah, why not do something productive?” 

So, here is my vlog on HOW I DO MY BROWS. It’s not a tutorial because I am not an expert but rather a demonstration on how I personally do mine. These past few years, I had people complimenting my brows and asking how I do it. It’s hard to explain in words so here’s a video demonstration. Please bear with me as this is my pirs pajent evuuurrr…. aha ha ha…. Don’t get the reference? Here.  Seriously, this is my first video and I’m just using the webcam of my MacBook and edited it on my iPhone and did some experiment with iMovie. I’m still learning!


I am still so awkward filming this because I don’t know where to look at. When I look at the viewfinder, it looks like I’m looking too high and when I look at myself on the screen, it looks like I’m looking below. Mmmmm…???? And I know, guys! Some might think I’m so maarte when I’m speaking but dude, give it to me cause I sound like a man with my husky voice! Not bad to add a little femininity in there.

Here’s the video, guys! Hope you’ll like, comment, and subscribe on my new channel! I will post more videos soon. I just have to convince Nash to squeeze me in his schedule to maybe shoot and edit for me because my boyfriend is seriously the best cinematographer. Haha.


I used the following for my brows and here are some cheaper alternatives:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown (PHP 1,100.00)  Purchased this from this Instagram seller. You cannot believe the great lengths I went through to get this! This is a fast moving item so get one if you can find one! I swear, it’s worth its price! It’ll probably last you for a year, too so the price is justified.


Dupe: Cheaper alternative for this is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Brown which is priced at PHP 399.00. You can purchase this at any SM Department Stores and Watsons. It does its job done in filling in your brows and lasts a long time, too. The problem is the application! You have to use a lot of product for it to look decent-looking. 🙁

  • Coastal Scents Angled Liner Brush (USD 1.95 / PHP 90.00) – It is an inclusion in the 22-pc brush that I purchased from Coastal Scents. It’s thin which is good for an angled liner for brows but I know deep inside that this is not the one. It’s not as stiff as I want it to be and I will probably purchase another brow brush.


Dupe: Beauty cosmetics’ Angled Brow Brush priced at PHP 50. I had this before but can’t find it anymore. I love it! And the fact that it’s Philippine-made is a bonus for choosing this one!

  • MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Spoolie (PHP 1,280) – This is not a practical buy if you just want to get a spoolie. LOL. I loved this MAC brow liner and I used it for 2 years but when I bought one in another shade just recently, I hated it! It is not pigmented and waterproof like before. It’s a purchase I regret but I’ve got to see the beauty in everything, right? This brow liner has the BEST spoolie! Stiff and doesn’t hurt my brows. Luv it!


Dupe: Marrionaud N38 Brush is the spoolie I’ve been using when I was in my early college years. It’s just PHP 119 and it comes with both angled liner brush (which is okay) and a great spoolie. Not as stiff as MAC but it’s quite as good!


I know! Some might not be a fan of this light/blonde hair paired with a darker brows because we all know that brows should be lighter. Trust me on this – I know what looks good on me and what does not. When I do a lighter brow, it looks so unnatural on me. And excusez-moi, have you seen Daenerys Targaryen?

Guuurl has some platinum blonde with a dark brow and if she can rock it, why can’t I? LOL.

In times that I would want a lighter brows, I use this Maybelline 24H Coloring Mascara in Yellow Blonde which is priced at PHP349.00 the time I purchased it. So if you want a lighter brow, then do so. I want to bleach mine, to be honest! I’m just afraid of having an allergic reaction.

I promise to create another brow tutorial using pencil and powder because I know that pomade/gel availability here in the Philippines is not at its best. 

So, there. Let me know what you can say about my video and any suggestions would be much appreciated. <3 Don’t forget to subscribe! Luv ya, bbcakes!


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    I have a lot of fun reading this… HAHAHAHA LOL. You’re awesome…

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