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Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza Review

It’s been 2 months since I last posted a blog post. I keep on forgetting that I have a blog and also life has been pretty busy lately. I am enjoying being an entrepreneur during the day and a Writer & Digital Marketer at night. I keep on complaining about how busy my life is to the fact that 1.5 hours of sleep is the normal sleep I have everyday but I can’t lie that I love to move and hustle.

Anyway, more about my life on a separate blog post.

This is a review of Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. My closest friend, Bryan, took a picture of him and his sister dining here and I asked him where it was. He told me about this place in Serendra called Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. It was a boring Saturday afternoon when I asked my younger brother (not that I have an older one, lol) to accompany me to dine there. I admit that Nikko, my brother, is the only person in the world I don’t regret giving things and treating every once in a while. He’s not vocally appreciative but I can see it in his eyes  how he’s so thankful for everything that I’m giving him. I used to be very, very generous to people but that stopped when I see that I’m always giving but I don’t get appreciated. That’s not the point of giving, I know, but it feels good to be appreciated. Ya feel me?

What we ordered: Salted Egg Pasta (210PHP) Bolognese Pasta (275PHP) SMEGG Pizza (450PHP) Burrata with Bread (245PHP)

We ordered quite a lot for two people considering we’re not that hungry. Oh, well. That was just one of the few times I kind of splurge for food and treat my brother so let it rain. LOL.

Buratta Cheese with Bread

Burrata Cheese with Bread

You have no idea how excited I was to try their burrata cheese! I have never tried burrata before but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it. IDK, I never had one because it seems so ~*fAnCy*~ for me. I was surprised that Gino’s is offering their homemade burrata cheese for only 245PHP.

If you don’t know what burrata is, according to Wikipedia, it’s a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture.

Imagine my disappointment when it tasted like… well, nothing. My brother and I exclaimed “That’s it?!” I know it was supposed to be light and not rich-tasting but the cheese and milky taste was so faint it tasted like nothing.

Bolognese Pasta

Bolognese Pasta

My brother order their bolognese pasta and this one was the best ordered we made. I haaaattteeee sweet spaghettis or pasta dishes and I don’t know how most Pinoys love it. This one was kind of in the sour side with all those tomatoes. We really enjoyed this one. I hoped it was also the one that I ordered since I can’t even finish that much-raved salted egg pasta.

Salted Egg Pasta

Salted Egg Pasta

When I asked Bryan he told me to order the salted egg pasta. I was chatting with another friend and told him that I was leaving in a few minutes to go dine at Gino’s and he surprisingly told me to try the salted egg pasta. I’m not sure if it’s just me aging but after I took a bite of this, my nape ached! Maybe it’s because of the egg and this one’s kind of oily? I was dizzy for a few seconds so I decided to not finish it and let Nikko have it. He didn’t like it, too. I love the innovation of using salted egg as a pasta base but nope. Not working for me. It’s gritty and I don’t like that.


This one’s a bestseller, too and was suggested by my friends, Bryan and Mico. SMEGG consists of homemade Sausage, Mushroom, EGGs, Gouda, and Cream. It was good yeah but I was not impressed. I like my eggs runny but the egg white here was also runny and that’s fucking repulsive, man. I don’t wanna be eating mucus-ish consistency food. LOL. And yup, I guess it was the egg. After 2 slices, my nape ached again. I should stay away from eggs.

I’m so glad they have their own condiment called the “Spicy Honey Syrup.” It kind of made our food kind of okay and bearable.

When I went home, my sister asked me how was the food. I said “it’s not bad but it’s not good.” I mean, it’s not too salty, it’s not too sweet, nor it is heavily or lightly seasoned but it’s boring. I told her that I’d blog it but I don’t know what to comment on the food. The food here just don’t have the depth that I was looking for. Her boyfriend who’s a chef told me “Ahh, it doesn’t have the umami?” I was like YAAAAS gurl, yaaaas!

There ya go. Gino’s and the food it’s offering are interesting but it’s not something I’ll crave and look forward to eating again.

I spent 1298PHP here inclusive of their 10% service charge.

Side note: Not that I care, but a blogger friend (Girl 1) sent me a screenshot of another blogger’s (Girl 2) Facebook status. Girl 2 was ranting how one of her FB friends is so ambitious, arrogant, and feeling rich by posting pictures of whatever the fuck she’s eating along with its price. Girl 1 asked her who that person was and Girl 2 told me it’s me!!!! LOLOLOLOL. The fuck, I don’t even know who Girl 2 was. I mean, I have an idea who she was as we we’re in the same blogging community way back in 2009 but I don’t even know she exists. She was so mad at me because of my posts!!! HAHAHA.

Again, not that I care but I never meant to make you think that I’m rich or I’m bragging whatever I have. I want to share with you what I’m eating along with its price because I want you to have an idea where to eat or not to eat next and how can I justify if it’s worth it if I won’t post the price? There are thousands of blogs out there who do it like I do but never in my life have I thought that those people reviewing restaurants are ambitious, etc etc. Well, I certainly don’t work on the same insecure mind that she has so I don’t know what she’s thinking but yeah, all’s well. 🙂

Anyway, I still have a lot of restaurant reviews on my draft. Bubba Gump invited me to try their food last month and I will post that next. Stay tuned! 🙂