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Schengen Visa at German Embassy Manila Experience

My German Embassy Manila Experience

I wrote this post to give you an idea on what to expect on your interview. For the steps on how to get your Schengen visa, check my post here.

My visa interview was March 2, 2016 10:30 AM-11 AM.

Since I work night shift, I went straight from work to the embassy carrying all the requirements with me. I live in Makati City and the embassy is just located in RCBC. It was a mere 30 minutes away but I decided to travel two hours before the appointment just to avoid the traffic. I arrive at the lobby around 9:00 AM the guard told me to come back around 9:50 a.m. They won’t let you loiter inside the building so you have to arrive just 30 mins before the interview time. I went to Moonleaf to buy a milk tea and just surf the net to kill some time.

Guys, my tummy was aching because I was so nervous. 

I didn’t even finish the large milk tea so I asked the staff if she could keep it inside their fridge and I’ll just come back later. LOL! I can’t be wasting any more money because this visa application alone cost me a lot!

I went back inside RCBC and went straight to the guard manning the German embassy desk. Then, I presented my visa appointment form they emailed on my account. They will confiscate your umbrella, laptop, and tablet before you go to the embassy itself. I left my umbrella and proceeded to the 25th floor of the RCBC Building.

When you arrived at the 25th floor, you will be greeted by two guards on your left side. Here, your bags will be checked and you will have to submit your declaration to the lady in the window. She will give a priority number and will ask you to proceed to the right side. There is a lady guard who will confiscate your phone, charger, power banks, etc. and will give you a small key for your locker. I went inside the interview section and surprisingly, there were less than 10 people. The one in front of me was a Chinese couple and they were interviewed for only 10 minutes. Then, it was my turn. Not verbatim but here are the questions asked:

Interview questions:

Jack: Good morning!

Consul: Good morning. Purpose of travel?

J: For vacation.

C: *types, types* For how long?

J: xx days

C: Nakapunta ka na ba ng ibang bansa? (Have you ever been abroad?)

J: I’ve been meaning to travel before but I had just received my corrected birth certificate and…

C: *she cuts me* —-So, hindi pa? (—-So, you haven’t?)

J: *smiles* Yes, I haven’t.

C: Ano ginagawa mo sa trabaho mo?  (What are you doing in your job?)

J: Almost everything digital. I do email automation, email campaigns, Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter audience targeting, SEO, copywriting, and sometimes I do web and graphic designs.

C: Magkano sahod mo? (How much is your salary)

J: xxxxxx pesos

C: Per month?

J: Yes

C: Gross na ba ‘to or net? (Is this gross or net?)

J: Net

C: So, you had an error in your gender? *encircles the gender on my birth certificate*

J: Yup, but it’s now fixed.

C: What did you finish in school and what school?

J: Communication at Adamson University

C: What year?


C: No, I mean what year did you graduate?

J: Oh, 2015. Last year. Sorry!

C: *types, types* How old are you?

J: 21 po.

C: Any kids?

J: None.

C: Okay, here’s your tracking number. We will just deliver your passport next week.

J: Thank you.

As you can see, it was a very chill interview. The consul might seem to be super intimidating but that’s their job – to intimidate you! When you’re planning to be an illegal immigrant, they can get into your head and you will be nervous but why should you be nervous when you don’t plan on doing something illegal? I was so chill the entire time and I was smiling. By the way, they will not get all of your documents. They didn’t even ask about my aunt and family friend who will accommodate me to make their home as my home base! Just pass the documents if they asked for it but if not, don’t insist. To check what they got and what they didn’t, check my post here.

After that, I went back to the milk tea place and went straight home. I’m glad it was over and I’m feeling very positive.

Tips in applying for a Schengen Visa in German Embassy:

  • Arrive early but not too early. 30 minutes will do.
  • Don’t bring too much electronics
  • Make sure that you have your visa appointment and visa declaration printed
  • PHOTOCOPY EVERYTHING – I MEAN EVERYTHING! I made a mistake of not doing so. Now, I no longer have my original certificate of employment, ITR, etc.
  • Wear an appropriate clothing but don’t overdo it because it might look like you’re too desperate. I wore something like this but in olive green.
  • Arrange your documents to how it’s written on the embassy website
  • Don’t be nervous! Unless you’re planning to do something illegal, there’s no need to be nervous!
  • Be honest! The embassy knows more about yourself than you do yourself lol so there’s no need to lie!
  • Thank the consul after your interview
  • Do not call the embassy to ask for your visa status! Just wait patiently! Call 2Go and they might have a word on your visa status but refrain from bothering the embassy.

Waiting for the Schengen Visa from German Embassy

I received my visa after 3 business days. Kudos German Embassy Manila for my good visa experience. They granted me multiple-entry and added a few days to what I requested.

I can’t wait to save up more money after this trip and apply again! 🙂