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Week One in Europe

It’s been ten days since I arrived here and I think I am doing very good as a tourist. I planned to put “Week One in Germany” as the title but I’ve also been to Netherlands in less than two weeks of my trip. I feel so blessed, you have no idea! Never in my life have I imagined that I can live like this and I’m just this young. I know! I keep on rubbing it in my personal account how I feel proud of myself of achieving this.

Last night, I dreamt that my sister’s waking me up and I am crying asking her to stop shaking and waking me because I’m still dreaming that I was in Europe. I woke up today with tears in my eyes and I cried again because it’s not a dream. I am so happy here but of course, I have to accept the fact that I have to go back in the Philippines when my visa expired. I also have to accept that it will take a while for me to go back here again – I’m thinking maybe after 5 years? However, I don’t want to think about leaving too much and just enjoy every moment.

Anyway, I’m writing a recap of how my first week in Europe went.

March 31, 2016 – Day One

My flight from MNL-HKG is at 5:50 PM so my mom, dad, and brother drove me to the airport around 1:30 in the afternoon. I bid my goodbye and went to the immigration where a lady in front of me around my age went crying because I think she was offloaded. I’m not really sure but she was crying and the security escorted her. The immigration officers were really intimidating but because I’m me, I am always graceful under any circumstance LOL. We even laughed together because we both can’t pronounce a city in Germany I’m planning to go to. Anyway, I felt bad for the lady because we talked before all that fiasco happened. She told me she saved up for her Hong Kong trip and she was looking forward to it. I really hope she’s okay.



I’m really glad that all of my flights weren’t delayed. I didn’t take pictures of what I ate in my MNL-HKG flight but it’s just some caldereta wrap which tasted like paper, a cookie which was okay, and an uber sweet juice.

My Lufthansa flights from HKG-FRA and FRA-DUS however were the best! I’ve been told that I boarded the largest aircraft in the world for my HKG-FRA flight. I didn’t get a chance to sleep because the Chinese couple besides me kept on peeing. LOL. The flight seemed like forever!!!12959515_1091088154276232_1537443540_o

For my snack, I had this really good nut and pretzel called “Cloud Hoppers.” I think I had 3 of this and I also got me some red wine.


For our dinner, I really enjoyed this pasta dish with broccoli. My only concern is everything was so soggy! I need my crunchy vegetables, Lufthansa! However, the sauce was fantastic! I took the bread and the cookie to eat later but I ended up throwing it after I found it on my bag 2 days later. HAHA! The salad was okay and I felt too full for the pudding.

I had red wine, coke, and tea with this.


Our breakfast was fantastic! It’s a lyonnaise potato dish with sausage, eggs, tomato, and broccoli. The potato was so delicious! I finished everything and I even asked for more bread. #noshame

I arrived 7:30 AM Germany time and my whole body was so sore because of my heavy luggage! I had the worst time in HKG layover because everything’s so fast and they had to ask me to remove my laptop from my hand carry while there were people waiting in line. I’m always anxious when there are people waiting so I did it so fast that I think I broke my hand!

I waited for my checked-in luggage for 30 minutes and when I stepped out of the airport, my first reaction was “Thanks God!” It was an exhausting trip! It was 6 degrees when I arrived and I immediately blurted “Totoo ba ‘to?!” (Is this real?!) It was so cold that it felt surreal!



My first meal in Germany was this bread with shrimp, lime, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise and this salmon and dill combination. Heavenly! How come this is never a thing at home?




The afternoon was spent in the downtown place. I had a taste of their famous German currywurst and beer!

Super blessed that Maastricht, Netherlands is just near my aunt’s place. I got to roam two countries in just a day!

That was it for my first day and I still couldn’t absorb that I’m already here! LOL.

April 1, 2016 – Day Two




As a tourist, your obligation back home is to get them something. I kinda feel guilty the past few months that I haven’t gotten my family anything except for my monthly contribution. I’ve been saving a lot so the only person that I’ve been treating is my spoiled younger brother.

April 1 was spent in Roermond, Netherlands with my aunt. There was a designer sale of almost any brand you could ever think of. I spent my whole salary for a month buying my family gifts. I loved it! It felt nice and I didn’t even buy myself anything. I really like to give when there is something to give. I’m so excited to bring my gifts home and see the look in their faces.

Oh, I also had this McWrap from McDonalds, some fish, and chips. It was sunny but it was still cold.

April 2, 2016 – Third day

There is a Filipino community in Netherlands! Isn’t it nice? One of them had a birthday party so being a Filipino, we had a boodle fight!



I admit that I felt left out as all of them are older than me and they have already been in Europe for quite a few years now. I just played with their kids and ate some good food then went home around 10PM.

April 3, 2016 – Fourth day

This day was so much fun!

It was Sunday and the first thing I did was prepare and go to the church. The church community is composed of different race but mostly Filipinos. The Catholic priest is a Filipino, too and he’s the best! He’s a very chill and cool priest and I love that!

After the mass, I was shocked that they have this reception after. Free food and no matter where I’ll go and where I’ll be, FREE FOOD always sounds good to me!



Sunday is a good day to to a fair so next stop would be in Aachen!


Their fair food are the bomb!


I’m not a fan of sweets and I find these nuts and fruits so darn expensive so I didn’t try it.


I tried this mushroom/champignon instead and it blew my mind! Freaking delicious! It costs 4.50 euro but ehh whatever, it’s good!

I also rode this super crazy ride called “Ghost Rider” and damn! Never again! I almost faint!


After that wonderful day at the fair, it ended with a great meal at an Italian restaurant downtown called “Casa Leonardo.” I loved that restaurant and tried it twice but never again. Will share why on my next post.


I ordered this medium-rare steak whatever that I cannot pronounce. It was good but I had better. I also had tiramisu which was so good! I love bitter-tasting desserts!


Restaurants like this requires you to have a budget of around 20 euro per meal. Not bad, I think?