As a way of sending my gratitude to my blog readers, here are just some downloadable materials that I made for you.

I hope that it can help you with travel, beauty, and life in general. 🙂

Since a lot of people are asking me to provide them with the cover letter and planned itinerary I sent the German embassy, I’ll be happy to provide it to you!

A lot of blog owners of travel sites ask for a fee in providing this but since I want to help, you can get my template for free!

I gave a talk to the less-fortunate teens of Payatas, Escopa, and Sampaloc who are part of the non-profit organization 2KK (Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid) which helps these scholars finish their education. I discussed how to make money without having a money, how to save, and how to chase their dreams. Should you find it interesting, you can check it by clicking the link and right clicking + save! 🙂

Graphic design by Nash Punzalan