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PAUL Boulangerie Patisserie Review

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I wasn’t feeling well yesterday that I decided to finally try Paul. After all, I’ve been hearing good reviews about it and I am in love with French food. Their food is something that is them and although it has Italian influences, French cuisine is distinct. With that being said, I was excited to try one of France’s popular bakery cum café restaurant which is PAUL.

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Paul was established in 1889 and has branches all over the globe. They pride their wonderful selection of desserts but I don’t like sweets and desserts that is why I was so excited for their champignons! Mushroom, proteins, and cream are the three components in a dish that will make me drool! (Hint: my favorite dish of all time is a creamy lasagna!)

I get really excited dining alone. I don’t know but it’s something I find relaxing.

Before we proceed with the entrée, can I just rave how good their complimentary breads are?

Yes, you’ll get all of these served to you with no charge when you dine here.

I love the distribution of the nuts and olives! It was lovely and filling but still enough for you to have room for the next dish. It also comes with butter and a jam.

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They have French Onion and Broccoli as their Soupe du Jour. Their soups comes with a bread which is a wonderful pair. I went ahead and ordered their Broccoli soup which I regret later on.

Broccoli Soup (PHP 110)

I’m a big soup person and I should’ve known that I like soups that are intense, creamy, and flavorful. This one was so light and it lacks the flavor that I wanted. I enjoyed the gritty texture, though. If you like soups that are just refreshing and light, order their broccoli soup but for people like me who like “soup” soup, wait for their cream of mushroom.

The minute I looked at their menu, I instantly thought that this the one! Sauté de poulet aux champignons which is basically sauteed chicken and mushroom! It comes with a bread (YES! This is a bread paradise!) to dip in this creamy dish. Oh, I love the salad here! It’s just a simple dressing but it’s fresh and crunchy.

Sauté de poulet aux champignons (PHP 350)

IDK, man. I have love-hate relationship with this. One bite, I love it; one bite, I hate it! I guess I love it because of the generous serving of the chicken and champignons. I hate it because I expected it to be creamy from full cream milk or whatsoever but I can taste coconut milk in there. *barfs* I don’t know but I hate that aftertaste. I never expected coconut milk to be present in a French dish.

I love it when I dip my bread in there but it gets quite overwhelming when you take a spoonful of it and eat it as is. I freaking hate the coconut taste. Is it just me??????

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For my dessert, I initially wanted to try their famous croissants but their tartelette chocolat seems so good! And yes, damn, IT IS!

Tartelette chocolat (PHP 210)

 That is one delicious motherfucking chocolate tart. I almost cried. It’s good but it’s too sweet that I didn’t finish this small tart. It’s a must-try dessert, though! Look at this heaven:

I took home the leftover bread and ate it at work. It was already stale lol but a girl’s got to eat.

It was a good lunch and I did enjoy it. Kinda disappointed with the champignons dish, though. Next time I’ll try their sandwiches or their steak.

I suggest you to try Paul. Hearty food, attentive staff, and good French ambiance.

I spent PHP 729.82 for a lunch alone and I think it was worth it.

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