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I’m Not An Apple Fangirl: Thoughts on MacBook Air

All my life, like a normal person, I was born and raised using Windows. I’ve enjoyed my childhood getting giddy whenever the teacher would announce that we have a computer class. I’m a product of a public school so it’s a freaking big deal, people!

This is my favorite Windows’ screensaver!

I remember browsing through my favorite website of my favorite guuuurl Jasmine Trias using a DSL connection… in a Windows. Damn those sweet memories.

Who would forget this little genius who makes us feel guided?

With that saying, I never considered getting a Mac. I love Apple, sure. From iPhone 3G to iPhone 6, I had all those. I have had iPods, iPod Touches, and iPads but never a MacBook or an iMac. A Windows laptop is the only thing that has been linking me into the old me — simple and unambitious.

Besides, I was happy with my Windows laptop so finally buying a MacBook is like turning my back from a longtime lover.

The breakup is always the hardest part.

I don’t want it to happen but I know that it will. My Lenovo laptop was my parents’ gift to me for my 18th birthday and it’s almost 3 years now so it’s forgivable that it no longer wants me. I have no time for people or things who don’t want me and cause me inconvenience. Everytime that I try opening a tab and searching, there were a minimum of 6 pop-ups. The fuck. :————-) Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Pop-ups ranging from this:

To this:

Though I know that those viruses and constant lagging of my laptop can be resolved by deleting suspicious apps, not visiting pornsites, downloading from torrent, and reformatting it, I knew I’ve had enough. I’ve tried all of those 10x the entire 3 years and it’s still happening.

This is the real time when I’m allowed to say I CAN’T EVEN, LIKE OMG without sounding like a dumb blonde.

I knew then that I was in an abusive relationship that I’m the one who’s in denial that Windows can’t do no wrong to me. Oh, well.


Sorry, people but I have to admit to giving Android fanboys the look whenever they’re comparing Apple and Samsung. Like, have you even tried any Apple products? No competition.

I haven’t tried Android but my family and friends are Android users and I feel bad for them for being frustrated everytime it lags after a few months.

Apple is thebomb.com! I enjoyed all my small Apple products so I guess why not try their MacBook? I know it won’t fail me.

I’d be honest and tell you that it took me a week to finally get one. This shit kept me awake in the middle of the day (day because I work at night, so I sleep in the morning LOL). After all, the kind of money is not a joke and I should make a good decision whether to buy it or not. Is it just a need or a want? Can’t I just reformat my Lenovo and make use of it for another year or so? Do I really need it now?

  1. It’s just a want, not a need
  2. I can just reformat my Lenovo and use it for another year or so
  3. I don’t need it now

But fuck it, I want it and I can afford it and I also think my life span won’t let me live until my late 20s so #YOLO! (Eew, I just used #YOLO)


I initially thought of buying this in instalment since Beyond the Box has a great promo of 0% instalment payable for 24 months. I’m very keen on my savings and for the past few months, it has been stagnant so buying in installment wouldn’t want me to disembowel myself whenever I look at my bank account. I always want to look at my bank account looking healthy and buying this in one go is not something I considered.

Although, that’s not me. I’m proud to say I am debt-free and I don’t buy things that I can’t afford just for the sake of buying it. I have nothing against people doing installment as long as they pay! Also, credit cards can build your credit score as long as you’re a good payer. Anyway, as I’ve said, that’s not me so I closed my eyes, withdrawn my money, and paid.


I actually want to snatch my money while paying because I was doubting if I made the right decision

Beyond the Box Market! Market! was generous enough to offer PHP6,000+ discount because I paid in cash. I’m also lucky to have received freebies worth almost PHP4,000!

Free laptop sleeve, earphones, and speakers!

Free laptop sleeve, earphones, and speaker!

The whole buying experience was good except for the guy who assisted me. He thought he was being funny and cute when in fact, he was acting like a jerk. I don’t appreciate staff hitting on me when I’m there for their products or service… and not for them. Anyway, he taught me the basics and he was being fucking rude and jerky like we’re best friends.

I stormed the hell out of there and decided to just self-teach myself before I punch someone in the face.

I took the baby home and got it a transparent case. I loooooveeee it!!!

Transparent case by @iluvmacshop on Instagram

This is the MacBook Air 13″ 2015 edition. It’s so thin and can give you paper cut lol but I’m disappointed as it’s kinda heavy!

It’s my 2nd day of using it and surprisingly, I’m not dumb and can actually navigate the hell out of this shit pretty good. I’m using Windows at work and so far, I’m not confused in using them both.


Honestly, I’m underwhelmed. Sure, it’s aesthetically-pleasing, great graphics, fast processing, and all those things but I don’t know! With that price, I was expecting more. I don’t regret buying it, though! I think it’s a great investment and this will probably last me 5 years (hopefully!).

Maybe I’m just a Windows girl forever and ever???

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  • Reply Helga Weber September 29, 2015 at 3:30 am

    WELCOME TO OS, THE BEST OS EVER. Hahaha I THINK? I’m kinda dumb with tech. I made the switch from my 6-year old Vaio (running on Windows XP) to a MacBook Pro 5 years ago and my laptop is still going strong! At work, they recently upgraded me from a crappy Lenovo to a MBP and I am now completely free of Windows. So happy.

    • Reply Jacklynne September 30, 2015 at 10:03 pm

      WOW! Magdilang-anghel ka na my MacBook will last that long! 5 years and still going strong gives me hope. LOL. At work, I’m still using Windows so 🙁 I always press Alt thinking it was command. Hay!

  • Reply Ochi September 29, 2015 at 7:39 am

    GAAAH I’m having the same dilemma! My 4yr-old Windows laptop is about to die on me and I’m thinking if a Macbook Pro is a worthy investment. I edit a lot of photos and videos and they say it gets the job done in that aspect due to the calibrated screen and all, buuuuut, I’m still hesitant due to the interface, lol.

    • Reply Jacklynne September 30, 2015 at 10:05 pm

      I am only using my MacBook to open and write documents and emails plus blogging. I know that my MacBook Air would crash if I use it to edit movies and graphics. I’ve heard a lot of raves with the MacBook Pro, though! It’s like a holygrail for those who edit a lot of photos and videos. Get one na! Just close your eyes when buying na nga lang cause it hurts

      • Reply Ochi October 1, 2015 at 7:01 am

        Haha I’m weighing my options! It will be heavy on the pocket! Lol.

        PS Love your theme design!

  • Reply Mimi Gonzales September 30, 2015 at 1:22 am

    Sounds like Macbook is a good investment, after all. I’m planning to buy one once I’m done paying up my semester’s tuition, but not because I want to show it off. I badly need it for my freelance work as most of my clients are using Macbook. I have my Acer laptop for almost two years now and it’s dyinggggg. Can’t its life span last longer? 🙁 Anyway, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about this Macbook! I’m planning to buy the lightweight one that is around 10″? I’m not sure of its size though. 😀

    • Reply Jacklynne September 30, 2015 at 10:09 pm

      Nakuuuu, guuuurl. One of my reasons in buying this is because my clients use MacBooks din! I don’t want to end up looking like I’m the un-techy one. I want to look as professional and “into this” with my work as much as possible. Hahaha. I know, right? No matter how many times we reformat it, it just won’t be the same as it is before. Hopefully with this MacBook, I wouldn’t encounter the same problem. The 11″ of MacBook pala is fine naman but I think 10″ is small for someone who does graphics like you do. Go for the 13″ na lang! 🙂

  • Reply Jhanz September 30, 2015 at 11:41 am

    It is a great investment, once you learn how to love it! Hehe! 🙂

    • Reply Jacklynne September 30, 2015 at 10:10 pm

      It is! Even if I am still not that skilled in navigating this MacBook, I’m loving it so far!!

  • Reply Augustin Ra July 10, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    I am using my 8-year old Toshiba laptop ’til now but I’ve to always plugged it in just because the battery’s not good. ‘Til now, I am praying it will still last long because my mom and I don’t have the means to buy a new one. Huhu. Maybe when I’m already working, I’ll save money for a Macbook. It has more advantages compared to Windows. Although some of my IT friends told me that Windows is way better. Maybe it depends on the person using and what purpose will the laptop be used for the user. 🙂

    • Reply Jacklynne July 11, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      OMG! I remembered my old laptop I got myself for my 18th birthday! Nakakaloka! It won’t work unless it’s plugged in. I was so stressed out that I finally decided to just close my eyes and hand the sales person at iStudio my money. LOL. Greatest splurge in my life! Mac is so worth it as I never tried it lagging on me unlike Windows. You should try it first and see if it’s for you! 🙂

  • Reply Hannah S. August 23, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    Lol, i actually expected to read an anti-Apple rant because of the title 🙈
    i’ve had my MacBook Pro 13″ for almost 5 years now and it still works good! The only reason i would want to upgrade is for the slimmer/lighter retina MacBook since i carry my laptop with me almost everywhere.

    Once you go Mac, you never go back! 😁👍

    • Reply Jacklynne August 23, 2016 at 7:51 pm

      This is true! Now I love my MacBook more than ever!

  • Reply Mika November 2, 2016 at 2:34 am

    Haha! I love the way you write on this blog that I just kept on clicking one topic and then another, until I ended up on this post.

    This may be a late comment, but congrats on doing the switch! I’m an Apple fan,but I gotta say, their products are really overpriced — still, I love ’em. Which just means that their “marketing” or whatever really works because despite their high prices, they still have loyal followers. Anyway, you won’t regret buying that Macbook. I, for one, use a Macbook Pro 13″ Mid-2010 model, and it still perfectly works up to this day! Cheers! 🙂

  • Reply MJ November 3, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Ate Jack, how much yung laptop? I’m planning to buy one next week 🙂 Seems like a good investment!

    • Reply Jacklynne November 4, 2016 at 1:45 am

      It was 45,000 when I bought it! 🙂

  • Reply Chelle February 8, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    I got mine last March 2010, and until now it is working fine! I just had a problem once when the hard drive died and battery. :(. I just checked it online how to replace it, then do it on my own, so easy. I bought a Solid State Drive (SSD) and installed a new OS, and now it is running faster and better than before. So i think it is worth the investment 🙂 🙂 Mine is macbook pro.

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