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I’m Still Alive! (Life Lately)

I haven’t posted in months here and I’m basically just using my website for my email as it looks professional. 

I admit, I kind of forgot that I have a website. I was supposed to use this to continue blogging — like legit blogging but meh, ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Surprisingly, I checked my Awstats and I saw that there are still around 1k-3k unique views per month! Not bad, right?

So, if you have stumbled upon my blog and you don’t know me (maybe you clicked the link from forums I’ve joined and shit like that), well hello! I’m Jacklynne and I’m a 20-year old (not so) fresh graduate from Makati City, Philippines. I’m a FRIENDS addict and I am the funniest person I know. LOL. BYE. 

SO, here’s a summary of what happened, what has been happening, and what will happen in my life. Not that you care but hey, my life is pretty interesting!!!!

  • A month and a half before my graduation, I land a job as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writer at the #1 Online Shopping site in Southeast Asia, Lazada.

  • I had 11 inches of my hair cut because cliché as it sounds, I want a new me.

  • After 4 years of enduring hypocrite and pseudo-intellectual people in my college and let’s not forget, the powertripping professors, I finally graduated college! Yoo to the fucking hoo!!!  Have I told you I hated my college life? Yup!

  • I am so in love with my workmates that I want to keep them in my pocket. I love my job  so much, it hurts.

  • I started traveling with strangers that soon became my friends and travel buddies! Lubang, Occidental Mindoro. 

  • After a week, I traveled again. This time, climbing a mountain wearing a bikini. Not the best idea. Tingloy Island, Batangas

  • And another week. Alibijaban Island, Quezon

  • And another. Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte. 

My summer was a blast that I had different tan lines due to my bikini. It was so fun, so worth all the money spent, all the panic attack whenever we ride a boat, all the weekend I spent away with my family. It didn’t come to an end as I am still pursuing my “backpacking” but it is sort of in hiatus now because it is raining soooo hard lately!!! Soon! I miss beaches!!!

During this hiatus, I went on to meet some guys for a date. Don’t judge me. True, I’m happy that I’m a single, independent, and hardworking woman but I got to see what is in there for me. I met some guys and meh, some are good, some are okay, most are wtf am I doing here. No regrets, though.

  • Since none of the guys I dated worked, it was shocking that I found that a good thing. No guys means more time with my friends! Sheena and Ferdz are my work babies and we LOVE to eat!!! Mediterranean, Thai, and Indian food. 

  • I purchased an entry-level designer bag because I’m in dire need of a decent bag that goes well with every outfit and is comfortable to carry. Longchamp Neo

  • My contract for Lazada has been extended but sadly, I had to resign. 🙁 One of the most heartbreaking decisions I have to make.

I am about to start another career last week of July in an American company as a Content Marketing Writer. I’m scared, nervous, and all sorts of synonyms for the risk I did. I am just awaiting for the regularization of my contract in Lazada but noooo I had to risk that for a 1-month probation for my new career. If ever this client didn’t like my performance in a month, he’ll kick my ass and I’ll be jobless while my workmates in Lazada are already regular. Oh, the things you have to risk for your dreams.

Also, my work is 11 PM – 8 AM. Goodluck, body clock.

I’m scared of my future more than anything in the world. Thankfully, I have my friends and families who are supporting me 100% saying that I have a bright future and I’ll never be jobless. Thank you, guys.

Basically, that’s it. I’m so nervous what’ll happen to me but I know that whatever it is, I would not let that reduce me as a person.

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  • Reply b3y0nz3 July 15, 2015 at 6:25 am

    Mom, I wanna be lyk Jack Lambino when I grow up.

  • Reply Ronell Urriquia September 3, 2015 at 5:58 am

    Hi. I just wanna ask how was your alibijaban island trip. I am planning to go there this weekend.

    • Reply Jacklynne September 23, 2015 at 12:19 pm

      I just read your comment and Alibijaban is so breathtaking!!! It was just hard for us to find the perfect swimming spot that time because the water is either too deep or too shallow. Other than that, it was perfect!

  • Reply Ronell Urriquia September 23, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Nice to know. Thanks. We weren’t able to push our abilijaban trip coz of some sudden change of schedule. We went to Burot beach at calatagan instead. However, I can’t get alibijaban off of my mind. So, definitely, in a few weeks or months i’ll be posting up pictures of alibijaban too. Hahaha. Thanks for the info. Ow. Last question. Is there a parking lot at the port? I am planning to take my car but i am hesitant also coz i dont know if its safe to park my car without anyone to guard it.

    • Reply Jacklynne September 23, 2015 at 1:59 pm

      Yes, there is a good parking lot at the port. That is where our driver parked the car and stayed overnight. Really hoping that Alibijaban wouldn’t turn out to be one of those commercialized place! Well, not now until I go back the 2nd time. Calaguas is beautiful, too but it was already too crowded when we went there.

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