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How I Handled My Birthday Depression

When I was younger, I was a big birthday person! I always celebrate with my friends, tell everyone it’s my birthday, and just basically think that I own the world every 18th of November. I swear, I reunite our whole high school gang whenever it’s my birthday because they all know that I take birthdays very seriously. LOL.

I’m basically Lily.


Life happens and birthdays don’t seem that fun anymore. In fact, it’s scary and every year, I just want to skip the 18th of November. I don’t like being a year older because I have these goals and dreams that I want to reach by the time I’m 23 years old, 25 years old, and 30 years old and birthdays are a reminder that I’m such a piece of trash that will not achieve these dreams sooner.

For 4 years now, I cry during my birthdays.


I feel depressed, angry, scared, and all sorts of negative feelings on my birthday. I always wonder how to overcome this “Birthday blues”. Then I suddenly realized that instead of moping, why not turn it into something fun and rewarding?

I realized that it’s not everyday that I’m willing to spend thousands of pesos just to “pamper” myself. That’s why a week before, I already planned what I’m gonna do on the date itself. I initially planned to treat myself by buying expensive high-end makeups online and have it delivered on my birthday but meh, I did that on my 19th birthday and I had buyer’s remorse the day after. I didn’t need all those expensive makeup! I need to pamper myself internally LOL if that’s a thing!

So, a week before my birthday I called my favorite nail salon, waxing studio, facial salon, and the restaurant that I’ve been dying to try for a reservation.

My birthday depression suddenly turned into a fun waiting game of treating myself.

I initially wanted to be alone the whole day but my mom and dad were home so I invited them to dine with me instead. Dining in the restaurant that I wanted didn’t push through because it’s a French restaurant and my folks like Chinese. We went to Mann Hann and the food were great! Honestly didn’t think they have good food because we’re just always passing by it at the mall. Didn’t have time to take pictures of everything we ordered because we were so hungry but it’s the fried rice, beef and garlic broccoli, lechon Macau (must try!), lemon iced tea, and cha bihon thing. We liked it!




I had a great time with my mom and dad because we talked about my dreams and goals in life and I’m 100% super blessed to have such supportive parents who believe in me.

After that, I bid goodbye and went to my favorite salon, Nailaholics, to have a basic mani-pedi.




In love with this nail polish. I got complimented by strangers! It’s Orly in Sheer Natural.

Such a relaxing time because I truly adore talking to strangers and what better way is there than having a nail technician share her life with you and vice versa? LOL I should have my own talk show. Try Nailaholics! Service and staff are fantastic!

FullSizeRender 5

Facial time! It’s been months since I last had a facial and my skin is already breaking out. I chose their basic facial but because it’s my birthday, I let myself be cajoled by the one assisting me into adding a mask which tripled the price of my facial. K LOL NO REGRETS.

So relaxing and this is the first time I didn’t cry when being pricked. IDK if it’s because the girl assisting me is good or she’s bad that’s why it didn’t hurt. Hah.



The day I tried Brazilian wax, there was no turning back. Who doesn’t like her vajayjay so soft and hair-free? I do! I had  Brazilian wax 3 times now and the last one was last July. I know. Don’t judge me. I’m not used to having a new waxer (?) wax person (?) LOL and the one that was always doing my Brazilian wax is from the one near my former office. Anyway, the one in Market! Market! seems okay but she was so harsh I think she wants to kill me.

Not mine and of course, not me but I tried Ventosa massage! Sorry no pics because it was hella dark in the massage room and dang! That felt nice! I’m kinda feeling sick now, though! Massages overwhelm me and make me sick but I’m so addicted in getting one!!!!!!

Birthday Breakdown:

  • Food – PHP 1450 at Mann Hann
  • Manicure & Pedicure – PHP 500 at Nailaholics
  • Facial + Acne Mask – PHP 895 at Let’s Face It!
  • Brazilian Waxing – PHP 500 at Lay Bare
  • Hilot + Ventosa – PHP 460 at Montalbo

I paid PHP 3805.00 for a meaningful and well-rested birthday! So worth it!


That’s basically it! That’s how I personally dealt with my birthday depression this year and it worked! I should do this everytime. I suggest you do it, too!

Not exactly follow what I did but something that you know you’ll look forward to! Maybe it’s the new phone you’ve been eyeing or that hair treatment that you want but you know is expensive. Now’s the time to get it! You deserve it! You are a special snowflake in your own way and you should treat yourself like one.

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      Go ahead! You’ll love it!

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    My bday is fun. I luve your blog it is luvly. I am happy. Pyuu pyuu

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