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Fat Couple Eats: Burgoo

Welcome to another series in my blog dedicated to the fat couple’s (Nash and Jack’s) love for food : FAT COUPLE EATS! 

Trust me when I say that we are such food lovers! No wonder we are both fat! #noshame. We love trying out new restaurants and rating each of them as to whether we’ll eat there again or not. I’ve already put up a Facebook album showcasing some of my puhretty  fancy~*fOoD pHoTogRaPhY*~ skillz.

I’m not paying for the hosting, domain registration and theme of this website for nothing! That’s why I will try to blog here as often as I can. Today’s post is about Burgoo, an “””””American””””” restaurant Nash and I tried out of pure hunger. Empahsis on the “””””AMERICAN””””” because I don’t find any of their food here American. It’s a mix of Italian/Mexican/American, really. Okay, whatever they say….

Eyes on the road, mister!

Eyes on the road, mister!

Jacklynne trying to be all cutesy.

Jacklynne trying to be all cutesy.

One thing about this fat couple is that we both turn into Hulk when we’re hungry — reason why we chose this restaurant that is not too familiar to us. We were tired of walking from the parking lot to the mall and we don’t want to look any further, so… I haven’t heard any raves about this place but for the sake of us not killing each other, we agreed to try this place.

No, actually…. The guy in front of the restaurant was handling out flyers that for a minimum of 500 pesos worth of purchase, we can get a FREE Supreme Sampler worth 595 each. Nash told me to look at the menu first but being the stupid hungry gullible girl that I am, I immediately asked for two seats. Fortunately for Nash and unfortunately for me, Nash was right! The food there were OVERPRICED and not that fab. Price aside, looking at the menu, you won’t find anything palatable looking or sounding. Anyway, we were already there, so, off we order!

SUPREME SAMPLER: A combination of Buffalo wings, cheddar cheese fries, mozarella sticks and onion rings. FREE. Priced at PHP 425 / $9.52 (regular) PHP 595 / $13.33 (large).

SUPREME SAMPLER: A combination of Buffalo wings, cheddar cheese fries, mozzarella sticks and onion rings. FREE. Priced at PHP 425 / $9.52 (regular) PHP 595 / $13.33 (large).

In fairness, everything was delicious! We really liked the mozzarella stick and onion ring. It comes with a refillable sour cream, as well! The Buffalo wings were good too but it doesn’t have the oomph while the fries are mostly sweet potato instead of potato. Nash and I hate that! We feel like we are being duped whenever they mix in sweet potato and potato and advertise it as potato fries. Ekk. The celery sticks taste like…. celery. LOL. This free appetizer actually made us full and we were actually talking on how to cancel our order, loljk!

Anyway, a little fact about me is that I’m obsessed with cream-based pasta. When I try a new place and they have pasta dishes, I always order their best white pasta dish. Nash hates white sauce and prefers tomato sauce pastas. After 36536532632 minutes of looking at the menu and constantly hating myself for choosing that restaurant, I went for the classic.

GRILLED CHICKEN ALFREDO - "Creamy Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken breast and oven baked tomatoes." PHP 395/ $8.49 (Regular) PHP 595 / $13.33 (Large)

GRILLED CHICKEN ALFREDO: “Creamy Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken breast and oven baked tomatoes.”
PHP 395/ $8.49 (Regular) PHP 595 / $13.33 (Large)

BOY! It was SUCH A HUGE SERVING!!!! I think you could actually feed 3 not-so-hungry people with this! I ordered the Grilled Chicken Alfredo REGULAR so excuse me if I’m still shocked with its size.

I had to ask for salt and pepper because I can’t taste anything! It was delicious but it lacks proper seasoning. The salt and pepper kind of gave it a chance but the chicken is irreparable. The Parmesan cheese is the only hope for this poor, bland and dry chicken. 🙁 I only ate 3 fork full of this and I’m done. 🙁 It was a sad moment for me. 🙁 Finished the two large garlic breads, though so it was all good.


SEAFOOD JAMBALAYA: “A combination of mussels, calamari and shrimps with ham, chorizo, green peas, green bell pepper, and white onions with long grain rice with Cajun spices. PHP 395/ $8.49 (Regular) PHP 595 / $13.33 (Large)

Nash, on the other hand chose their Seafood Jambalaya. He loves seafood that is why he had his order in less than a minute. This is actually my fave out of all that was served to us. It has the flavor and full of seafood toppings, not just rice! It’s also a huge serving and Nash didn’t finish it, too. I guess from that you could say that the appetizers really made us full.

We took all the leftovers home.

In a nutshell, I agree that Burgoo is a poor-man’s TGI Friday’s. It tries so hard to be a ” maka-masang ” TGIF but fails. I will give them props though for the amazing service and nice ambiance.


Will the Fat Couple ever go back to Burgoo again? 

Probably! Never say never!” they say. I believe they have some great dishes that we should try. We just need 10 kilos of salt and pepper for the food to taste, though. 🙁

FAT COUPLE RATING: ✦✦✧✧✧ (2/5)

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