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I’m Still Alive! (Life Lately)

I haven’t posted in months here and I’m basically just using my website for my email as it looks professional. 

I admit, I kind of forgot that I have a website. I was supposed to use this to continue blogging — like legit blogging but meh, ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Surprisingly, I checked my Awstats and I saw that there are still around 1k-3k unique views per month! Not bad, right?

So, if you have stumbled upon my blog and you don’t know me (maybe you clicked the link from forums I’ve joined and shit like that), well hello! I’m Jacklynne and I’m a 20-year old (not so) fresh graduate from Makati City, Philippines. I’m a FRIENDS addict and I am the funniest person I know. LOL. BYE. 

SO, here’s a summary of what happened, what has been happening, and what will happen in my life. Not that you care but hey, my life is pretty interesting!!!!

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Fat Couple Eats: Burgoo

Welcome to another series in my blog dedicated to the fat couple’s (Nash and Jack’s) love for food : FAT COUPLE EATS! 

Trust me when I say that we are such food lovers! No wonder we are both fat! #noshame. We love trying out new restaurants and rating each of them as to whether we’ll eat there again or not. I’ve already put up a Facebook album showcasing some of my puhretty  fancy~*fOoD pHoTogRaPhY*~ skillz.

I’m not paying for the hosting, domain registration and theme of this website for nothing! That’s why I will try to blog here as often as I can. Today’s post is about Burgoo, an “””””American””””” restaurant Nash and I tried out of pure hunger. Empahsis on the “””””AMERICAN””””” because I don’t find any of their food here American. It’s a mix of Italian/Mexican/American, really. Okay, whatever they say…. Continue Reading