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belgium day trip mini europe atomium

belgium day trip mini europe atomium

Best spaghetti in Belgium

I have a confession to make – I tried spaghetti in different restaurants in Italy but the best spaghetti I’ve tried in my life was in Belgium. Crazy, right? I don’t think they’re known for spaghettis but until now, I’m still dreaming about that. It was so good. It was a blind buy because we just have no choice on where to eat. We saw this empty restaurant called “Restaurant Belge” and so we immediately sat down and ordered. Here’s their menu:

I ordered the spaghetti bolognaise and it looked like this:

restaurant belge brussels belgium

Looked so simple but dang so tasty and very meaty! The pasta was perfectly al dente, too!

restaurant belge belgium lasagna

I also get to try their lasagna. It was delicious but I prefer House of Lasagna or Greenwich, haha!

belgium day trip mini europe atomium

After eating, we went to Atomium to hang out and buy some Belgian waffle.

belgium day trip mini europe atomium

I never liked waffles so I can’t really rave about it.

belgium day trip mini europe atomium

Then headed to Three Country Border. This is where Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands meet!

belgium day trip mini europe atomium

Looking so ugly because I HATE RAIN but we also went to The Labyrinth!

Entering The Labyrinth! <3

After a tiring whole day, it was time to go home! Oh, how I love long drives in Europe! Everywhere is so scenic. I’m getting teary-eyed while writing this. Commuting in the Philippines sucks! Pollution, the crowd, and the not-so-scenic view.

EUROPE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! It is the reason I am working my ass so hard. I can’t wait to go back!

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