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Belgium Day Trip

All about my Belgium Day Trip

Now I know that this is already getting tiring. It has been a year since my Eurotrip but up until this date, I still keep blabbing about it. I’m not like this in real life, however. I don’t just barge in another people’s conversation and just casually bring up about the said Eurotrip. I have real life friends whom I just met after the Eurotrip that found out about it later on who are telling me “Oh my gosh! All this time, I didn’t know?! You’re that Eurotrip girl on the viral video?! How come you didn’t tell us?!”  On the other hand, I keep talking about it on Facebook and on my other social media because let’s be honest – this is what I’ve been known for. I wouldn’t get almost 20,000 followers on the Internet and thousands of readers of my blog if it weren’t for that Eurotrip. So, forgive me. Actually, don’t. I will keep talking about this even after 20 years. IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME. I earned it, I made my dream come true so I have the right to talk about it. I’m sure you’ll understand if it happened to you. Charot!

Anyway, going back to the main topic of this post. Belgium! Like any of my other European trips, this one was unexpected. When I went to Europe, the only place that I thought I’ll visit is Germany but damn I visited a lot of countries including Belgium.

belgium day trip

Unfortunately, it was just a day trip because this was just a few weeks after the Brussels bombing. Going to Belgium was a risk and a lot of places were closed. It was a shock seeing a lot of police on standby with their big dogs to secure the place. Throughout the whole trip, I was paranoid of what could happen that is why a day trip would be enough to satisfy my curiosity with Belgium but could still make me feel safe.


This photo wasn’t edited. It was so gloomy and freezing cold! I was with the Catholic priest that I was friends with, my Titas, and their kids. We decided to visit Atomium and the Mini Europe. I was more interested with Mini Europe.


I never learn. I was sick for a few days when I visited the Tulip Farm because I wore a skirt. Here I am again, wearing a light jacket, a dress, and tights. I was freezing cold that I cannot think straight. It was one of my mistakes when I visited Europe. Note that Spring doesn’t mean an okay weather, IT WILL STILL BE COLD.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Before deciding to go to Belgium, I’ve already read blogs saying that going inside the Atomium is not worth it. I was just really after the Mini Europe which is near the Atomium.

Mini Europe in Brussels, Belgium


You have to pay EUR 13.20/PHP 773 as the entrance fee for Mini Europe. This is the normal range for entrance fees in Europe.

I have around 500 photos in Mini Europe alone. It was very fascinating to see all the tourist places in Europe in one place. They may be miniatures but the intricate details and the sound effects make you feel like you are really there.

It’s very educational as each miniature (?) has its information such as population, currency, and the year they’ve been part of the Schengen zone. You see that button over there? If you press it, different things can happen – play a sound, make a train move, make a water flow, etc. Really, really cool!

belgium day trip mini europe atomium

A photo of me when I still had no idea I would also get a chance to visit the real Eiffel Tower in Paris! Btw, I was freezing here!

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