I’m Jacklynne. A 21-year-old writer, digital marketer, and makeup artist from Makati City, Philippines. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and had fun with it until 2012 when my blogger friends left the blogging world to focus on their married/mommy life and that was when I lost my enthusiasm to blog again. Blogging back then was all about sharing personal life and connecting with different bloggers unlike today that it’s all about fame, sponsored post, and money. Now I’m back to blogging, I want to be one of the few genuine ones and no one can influence my post. I will tell it as it is – unfiltered.

I blog to document my life events and to help and share. I also love looking at my old blog posts from way before and realize that so much have changed yet I’m still me. 

You are welcome to stay and read through my blog about life, travel, beauty, food, and everything else about my life.

I’ll try to be interesting and relatable, I promise!

Hoping to get to know about you guys, as well! Drop me a message here!